Generally used by the more veteran users of games and the internet. Used generally as a parody of stupid users who say plz or pls.
May I have free itams plox?!
by Optimus45 June 8, 2006
Plox is an annoy word developed by the Gamefaqsers, means please but rather annoy.
Fighter: Heel plox!1!1
Acolyte: jajaja, ush ur pots jah.
by StarOcean April 17, 2005
The sound a poo makes when it hits the water in the toilet.
Plox - You will experience it everyday in the toilet.
by groinisotope February 25, 2009
A way of saying please in a stupid or sarcastic way.
Person 1: Can I have a medic plox
Person 2: Pfft! Your a soldier, you can use medic yourself.
by Matty0506 October 25, 2010
The most Annoying form of please. Whoever developed it is retarded, so are the 1337 gamers and the noobs that use it. end of story
by dfaewtetrawyerr March 16, 2009
it means please. end of story. go be a gamer and learn.
by BlindKatana August 30, 2005