A free MMO tank and plane game, which by some supernatural phenomenon can run on a potato pc but still have good graphics. Also, there is a large amount of Pay to Grind and Russian Bias. Nevertheless, it's still a fun game to play.
WOT fan: Ooh world of tanks is best game!
Me, an intellectual: Play War Thunder child.
by RECKOCHET June 14, 2018
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the most fucking anoying and Pay to win game every made
Jim: Oh hey joe you playing War Thunder

Joe : "Yeah i am and i want to kill myself"
by SwedishStuka March 4, 2021
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absolute dogshit game with dogshit grind and dogshit teammates
you pay money to lose money here
hope you like the stay
Guy 1:"dude i just got War Thunder"
Guy 2:"nice what is it about?"
Guy 1: 'it's just a strategy game with tanks planes and ships"

2 hours later

Guy 1:"this game is absolute dogshit"
by Obi Wankernobi April 1, 2022
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War thunder is an attempt at a Free-to-play MMO game in which you take control of a plane, tank, or numerous different naval vessels and complete objectives to win in game matches. By some undisclosed futuristic technology, War Thunder can run on the most terrible potato pcs. War thunder is also known for Russian vehicles being overly powerful.
War Thunder is the shittiest game i've ever played
The home of the Russian Bias is War Thunder
I fucking hate War Thunder
by Skittster February 5, 2022
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War Thuder is a -pay to win- free to play MMO featuring lots of Russian bias, ships , planes, and tanks.
Hey bro lets play war thunder
Nah sorry 7.7 is ruined by italy.
by CykaSucc February 19, 2019
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Salt Game with a little fanbase and a pay to grind game. The grind are harder than the droppings of nuke at Hiroshima. Alot of russian bias.

Also known as Salt Thunder
by Kumano1945 March 19, 2018
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