A conveyance consisting of a sturdy large basket that can hold 4 or more people & is propelled up into the air by a gas burner. They go over 10,000 feet in elevation!
That hot air balloon was really thrilling to ride in & they're awesome to see!
by Starchylde May 28, 2016
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back in my day a hot air balloon was a flying device, but wtf is it now?!?!
by Young Reezie February 1, 2008
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1. A sexually act in which a man stands slightly bent over with a woman kneeling behind him. She will purse her lips tightly around his anus. She then tugs on his flaccid member from between his legs as he releases a preferably hot fart in her mouth, thus expanding her cheeks much like that of a hot air balloon. Aviator goggles and scarf are optional.
Friend #1: I was able to talk Nichole into letting me give her a hot air balloon last night.

Friend #2: I don't know what that is, but it sounds fucking sick.
by The Taste of Lemonade November 8, 2009
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When a girl eats a guys bootyhole while giving him a reach around, he farts in her mouth.
I hot air balloned the shit out of that bitch last night.
by jesus July 22, 2003
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Performing oral sex on a woman in 69 position and she farts into partners nostrils during act.
I was eating my girlfriend out in a 69 and she fired up a hot air balloon in my nose.
by oneaze September 6, 2011
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The act of farting in ones mouth
I gave your mom a hot air balloon after she yelled at me for jacking off with her thong.
by Keithberns5 August 16, 2015
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The act of placing one's scrotal sac in the mouth of a sleeping individual and proceeding to strech the excess scrotal skin over the nostrils of the person creating an air-tight seal thus filling the strechable skin with hot air creating a balloon affect.
I totally gave susan the hot air balloon last night when she was sleeping.
by asabrown13 December 9, 2008
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