The sound of money being sucked out of the pocket of an Oregon Duck fan each time Nike introduces a new football uniform.
All of my co-workers got swooshed yesterday at The Duck Store, so I guess I'm eating lunch alone until payday.
by JohnnieWBlue October 4, 2011
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A symbol that looks like a brush-stroke.
by Xaviana December 2, 2003
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Pure net; the sound produced by a basketball, as it hits just the net.
Ten seconds to finnish, at the three pointer, it's off and swoosh San Antonio Spurs, win!
by arc_huprnikao June 19, 2014
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hair in the front of your face; long bangs.
sometimes i cant see becasue my swoosh covers my eyes.
by jim October 20, 2004
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To leave work either exactly when the buzzer sounds or a few minutes wind blowing throught he office without stopping.
Man#1 "Where's Marty?"
Man#2 "Well he's...."
Man#1 "Did you feel something?"
Man#2 "Yeah, that was Marty hauling ass outta here."
by Hardly Workin' December 12, 2003
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a way to insult or diss someone that varies by context
me: omg you are a loser
her: swoosh
me: ?
by nacho-a May 14, 2009
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Mackenzie was right next to her ex boyfriend when a car load of guys drove by shouting "I LOVE YOU MACKENZIE" making her ex extremely jealous. in this senario mackenzie did the "swoosh"
by gabiisareallygooddefiner September 20, 2010
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