telling someone where to go
originates from London
basically means to suck out some pussy
suck out WTF u on!
suck out bruv!
by Kieran N22 January 5, 2006
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When playing poker, some dumb ass that has no idea what he is doing gets lucky and ends up winning the hand by beating someone who had a much better hand.
guy 1: "I flopped a straight and some bastard turned two pair and rivered a full house!"

guy 2: "Oh man what a suck out!"
by ACEKINGNOGOOD June 9, 2005
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A word a stupid chav uses to say "suck your mums pussy".
Chav:"Suck out wastegash"

*most people role there eyes at them*
by srstorey September 3, 2007
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Getting your cock sucked by a professional cock sucker.
I looked ar her and was like hey girl let me get a suck-out
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something that is really bad and you just can't bear to watch and or hear it
damn your guitar playing fucking sucks out loud
by shesherz December 9, 2003
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