Such an operation typically involves two cars driven by suspects who box in a victim’s car on a freeway, causing a collision. The scam participants then file fraudulent insurance claims for alleged injuries.
The Insurance Commissioner on Wednesday announced the arrest of the suspected ringleader of a major operation that has allegedly staged more than 60 swoop and squats over the past 18 months, bilking insurers and consumers out of $2 million to $3 million.
by Spirit Bear August 12, 2006
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A tactic used in gang stalking that generally uses two cars and/or distraction to try to create a car accident for insurance fraud. When driving, a car cuts you off to close the gap between you and the car in front. Then an accomplice in another car will abruptly cut the car in front of you off to make them stop abruptly. This fake situation is created with the intention of trying to make you rear end the car in front of you and make it look like you are at fault. Sometimes there may be a distraction to the side to try to make it more likely that you make hit the car in front. Insurance fraud.
Those stalkers tried to create an accident using the "swoop and squat" method to create a car accident to for insurance fraud.
by human lab rat July 21, 2014
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When someone tries to steal someone else's girlfriend/boyfriend. Its called a swoop and squat and it can cost your insurance company thousands of dollars in damages.
"Dude Zain, she already has a boyfriend"
"Thats why, I'm going to swoop and squat"
by rohanstanford February 9, 2007
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Not to be confused with the grim "legalese" term for the infamous auto-insurance-fraud procedure, this phrase refers to a totally-positive-and-pleasant action that you employ while interacting with small children. It begins when an eager innocent-minded pint-size comes racing towards you at full speed with a big grin and his arms held out; you therefore hastily reach down and swoop up said hurtling youngster in your arms while simultaneously "doing a quick one-eighty pirouette" to rapidly swing him around with you, as well, so that he doesn't lose much of his accumulated momentum. You then swiftly squat down again and deposit him back on his feet so that he can continue running as if nothing had stopped him or even slowed him down much.
About da only time dat you would not perform a "swoop up and squat down" is if da child either appears to be upset and thus needs comforting, or desires a quickie-cuddle ("To win in life's race, children need plenty of lap time"), in which case you should instead simply sit down and cradle said closeness-craving youngster on yer knee. Be sure to keep in mind, however, dat you may need to spend at least a few minutes at dis endeavor, even if da child merely wants a few seconds of "lovies", since any other observing youngsters in da general vicinity may notice said affectionate clasping and decide dat dey would like a little snuggle-time from you, as well. It's just like if a hot chick is allowing a mushy-hearted fellow to massage her pretty feet, and one or more other nice guys happen by and observe da fun activity; it may cause said girl-loving dudes to experience a sudden misty-eyed craving for cute toes, as well, and so said damsel may therefore be obliged to remain seated there for some time while all of da guys "take turns wif her tootsies", eventually leaving her feet totally "burnished and polished" from having all da callouses rubbed off from her slender soles.
by QuacksO June 8, 2019
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