sweat under one's breasts (sweat + boob = swoob)
The combination of the hot day and the tight sports bra created a serious swoob problem for Alicia.
by Myth31 August 12, 2003
when a female sweats in her boob when shes exercising or hot
omg, all this running is making me swoob.
by Emmmmmma May 25, 2006
When boobs get sweaty, underneath and/or in between.
Guy: Oh man, its hot out today. I got swalls over here.

Girl: I hear ya, I got some swoobs goin on.
by Wicked Pissa Melissa April 28, 2009
When it is knarly hot and you have a profuse sweat going onunder your breasts.

Sweaty + Boobs= Swoobs
I have a serious case of the swoobs.
by Chenze August 28, 2006
The term swoobing originated from the words 'boob' and 'swooping'.
It derived from the male-dominated sport of spotting and admiring a woman's cleavage or observing those upper-chest-advantaged ladies who are out in public and proud of their endowments. Men would spot the 'boobs' and then 'swoop' past for a better view.
Henceforth, the sport became known as swoobing.

Technical note 1:
Women are known to swoob on other women purely for comparison purposes and/or hate/admiration, while men do it purely for the love of the sport.

Technical note 2:
The sport of swoobing does not condone the verbal/physical harassment of women. It is a non-verbal and non-contact sport.

Technical note 3:
Swoobing can merely involve the subtle suggestion to one's friend to check out a potential 'swoob' forthcoming, or the mutual silent acknowledgment between 'swoober' and 'swoobee' of her great swoob attributes.
"Was there much at Rhodes to look at during lunch?"
"You missed out on all the swoobing playboy. So much swoobing!"
by Mr Flossy February 7, 2010
Its so hot outside, i think i have swoobs
by Brooke0514 December 14, 2017