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Swongs: they are one thing.
Peter: Dude, wtf are swongs? People are talking about it everywhere but noone wants to explain to me what they actually are. wtf?
Josh: Swongs. They are one thing.
by Fiksdal October 07, 2007
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internet slang for "swings" (in variance or expectation)

commonly referred to as "The Swongs"

Mostly used in the internet gambling community, sometimes as a quick and witty response to someone's bad luck or low-side variance (in results).
If you play enough Poker you're going to experience the swongs.

by **champ** February 17, 2009
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Swong = Smoke Weed song. Song which would be perfect while smoking weed. A very calm and relaxing song. Eg. Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People, Ain't No Sunshine - Bill Withers
Dude, this swong is awesome!!
by superoc January 04, 2012
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v. to go crazy, to go berko

n. 16 year old girl who is a highly trained assassin
v. "ill go all swong on you!"

n. "what the heck? swong? you rated wade 10/10 on hot or not?"
by wadey August 01, 2004
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when the bottom piece of the bikini rides up the buttocks to form a thong.
Dude look at her Swong
by kkreature June 25, 2011
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