Well built, muscular; swol-len; diesel; jacked; buff.
by Rems April 18, 2003
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Someone or something that is very muscular in nature.
The waterpolo player from Texas looked so swol because of his giant arms.
by Eduardo Gershwin February 3, 2006
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A very muscular, strong, and just all around person. He looks like the guy you don't mess with because he is very obviously well built. Not to be confused with a steroid user as a swol person gets their muscle from hard work and dedication. He is the guy that every other guy wants to be.
Man look at that guy he is so swol.
Yeah thats Swaren. We call him swol swaren because he is so swol.
I wish i could be like him.
Work out every day of your life and your dream could come true.
by swolman February 25, 2013
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Stands for "Swearing out loud". It's what you say when things go wrong and you're feeling frustrated or like the world is out to get you. It's a politer and funnier way of cussing. Unlike profanity, it isn't socially offensive. The great thing about using "swol" is that it defuses any feelings of anger or frustration you may be feeling. When you say cuss words like f*** or s***, they often make you feel angrier. Swol doesn't. Instead, when you say it, it's more likely to make you or other people around you laugh.
You can say "swol" whenever you are struggling with an activity, are feeling frustrated or when something disastrous has occurred.

Situation: You stub your toe.
You say: SWOL!

Situation: Someone steals your wallet.
You say: Swol!

Situation: You forget that you have an appointment with your physiotherapist.
You say: Swol

Situation: You can't beat a boss in a video game. Maybe you're playing Dark Souls - it's tough!
You say: Swol! Why does this game have to be so tricky?

Swol can also be used as a comparative adjective.
Example: "That was the swolliest thing I have ever done."
by Mad Mildred July 25, 2017
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upset in a manner that is defined by confusion, sadness, anger, disbelief, or any combination thereof
They were swol that they lost the baseball game
by prophet-4-hire June 13, 2006
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In a club atmosphere, describes the amount of people at the event.
The club was on swol.
by Dee September 3, 2003
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"God, Kayla, you're such a SWOL."
by gilmoregirlsx210 November 29, 2009
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