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Well built, muscular; swol-len; diesel; jacked; buff.
by Rems April 18, 2003
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Wish this never happened. LMD
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Someone or something that is very muscular in nature.
The waterpolo player from Texas looked so swol because of his giant arms.
by Eduardo Gershwin February 02, 2006
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A very muscular, strong, and just all around person. He looks like the guy you don't mess with because he is very obviously well built. Not to be confused with a steroid user as a swol person gets their muscle from hard work and dedication. He is the guy that every other guy wants to be.
Man look at that guy he is so swol.
Yeah thats Swaren. We call him swol swaren because he is so swol.
I wish i could be like him.
Work out every day of your life and your dream could come true.
by swolman February 25, 2013
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used when someone has just finished working out and who's muscles are extremely prominent atm.
"Dude i just got back from the gym and I'm f-ing swol!"
by nicelo October 25, 2017
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17th Century Dutch privateer (pirate ship) known as the Swol. It had 75+ guns and 200 crewmen. It traveled between New Netherland (New York) and Curacao as part of the Dutch West India Company.
Did you see the Swol today? That ship is mighty fierce-lookin',
by Vargov June 14, 2011
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When something is swolen in a way that allows it to become a meme, ussualy reffered to in doggo lingo.
Dont let your pupper eat a jalapeño sky rasin or it might do a swol.
by smol snek February 15, 2019
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