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Rip-off, Swindle. British. Used when referring to generally minor gripes and greivences. Could also be spelled Swizz.
That coffee I had in Monaco was a right swiz.
by verseguru August 20, 2004
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by AxonL July 20, 2021
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a girl gets the guy you like, that is a swiz; you cant see your bf b/c your mom says you have to babysit your brother, this is an obvious double swiz.
by Chea its sarah 3 December 19, 2006
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When something is mad cool/fucking sweet. Usually said with assertiveness.
Person 1: I just got Mac Miller tixs!
Person 2: Swiz
by madmike1992 October 20, 2011
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The hot shit. Something that is extremely dope.
yo, son. that sheeit is the muthafuckin' swiz.
by gadget October 04, 2003
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Short for "Let's whiz", meaning "Let's go".
It's such a nice day,'swiz to the beach.
by Lew Dax November 22, 2006
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A cellular phone. Used for many uses
Person 1:Yo man, you got a swiz on you?
Person 2:Yeah, why?
Person 1:Gotta call my mom.
by .RainMan December 28, 2004
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