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when engaging in doggy style sex with someone in a dark room, you breifly pull out, while a friend takes your place, with your partner none the wiser. while your friend is engaging in sex, you run around the house and wave at your partner through the window.
My twin brother and I pulled a switcheroo on my finace. she was pissed.
by daoofhamster June 24, 2006
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when one says a common 2-word phrase, one would switch the first consonant or group of consonants between words.
a basic switcheroo would be: "snot rocket" becomes "rot snocket"

also one can perform a tri-switcheroo such as in: "boston red sox" becomes "soston bed rox" or backwards as in " roston sed box"

this can be done with words that aren't adjacent to each other in a sentence such as: "it's always sunny in philadelphia" becomes "it's always phunny in siladelphia"

or the rare double switcheroo form "it's always phunny in siladelphia" becomes "it's always sily in phunnadelphia"

one can become creative and do a quad-(or more)switcheroo as in: "red hot chili peppers" becomes " ped rot hili cheppers" or "ched pot rili heppers" or "hed chot pili reppers"
by willowe August 25, 2009
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To swop one thing around with another, usually while someone is not looking.
Quick, give those doughnuts the ol' switcheroo!
by supashan September 02, 2004
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When your driving somewhere with a friend and you decide to switch drivers without pulling over.
Sean: Hey dude, do you wanna drive now?
Jack: Ya sure, lets pull the switcheroo so we dont lose any time.
by bockree54 January 14, 2010
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When entering a lady doggy style you pull out and stick it in her ass, then pull out and back into her pussy, and repeat, Viola... the Switcheroo!!!! (N.B. be well greased up or shlongs will be broken!)
Pull that switcheroo again Tommy it's got me wet as a river in monsoon season
by BennyBoy69 September 03, 2006
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When two males and two females interact sexually for atleast up to 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes they switch their partners such that the male/female will be with the other person of the opposite sex. This rotation will proceed when ever the time is up.
Emily and Jane, you down for a switcheroo with me and John later tonight?
by stingy pwns December 03, 2012
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Switching your broken product with one that works. Screw Wal mart. their evil.
i droped my xbox in the lake, so i deciced to switcheroo it. now i can play splinter cell 4 at wendys
by Jose Ole May 21, 2004
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