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After a drought, the rainy season comes about. Socially this is also true, in the sense that, after the drought, it's raining bitches n ho's. This season does not follow any particular pattern or mirror typical weather tendencies. It is completely random.
It's monsoon season man you gotta bet big.
During monsoon season one must venture out and experience different avenues on order to truly have a good harvest.
by EFlo March 05, 2015
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In Ireland, the months June, July and august. Normally the warmest months, they are also usually by far the wettest. The phrase illustrates that the Irish have long given up on their "summers".
"Are you going to electric picnic (rock festival) this year?"
- "Are you joking? That's right in the middle of monsoon season"

by Mdfd April 23, 2009
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