The best sport ever.
People say it's easy, but It's not.
It is one of the hardest sports, do you know how many muscles you use?
Most swimmers hate soccer, and they say
'If swimming were any easier, It would be called soccer'

It's very hard and you have to push yourself to the max.
Meets make you exhausted for the rest of the way.
"Practice was so hard today."
"I know, those 200 flys were torture."
"Every practice is torture, why do we even swim?"
"Cause we love it!"
"Yeah, swimming amazing."
by AFeverNikkiCan'tSweatOut June 27, 2009
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The only sport where people pee without going to the restroom.
Let's have some beers and go swimming for a couple of hours. Yet none goes to the restoom.
by Adrian Skertchly May 03, 2005
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sport that sounds sexual when talking about it. usually swimmers are best at sex (duh!)
about diving: throw yourself into it!

about backstroke starts: go under, give it four or five good hard thrusts, and then extend out ouf the water as hard as you can!
by genna January 25, 2005
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A sport, often misunderstood by outsiders, which requires the most work of all sports. Swimming is a sport and requires much physical endurance and technique. Anyone who swims for a year will be just as good or better than other "swimmers," at least on a high school level. Certain college and level swimmers are certainly viable athletes, although personal experience of high school swimming clarifies its requirements of spectacular strenth.
Athelete: Do a pushup, man, since you say you're such a great athlete and all.
Swimmer: Dude! Ill
mess you up, i have more upper body strenth in my middlefinger that u do ever just because i swimming
by Billy 5631963219639123691 January 17, 2006
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One of the very best ways to work your whole body, whether for your heart, to lose weight, correct your back and posture, increase libido, or to develop lean muscle and lung volume.

The swimmer's physique is considered by many to be the most attractive body type. Injuries are extremely low compared to other forms of exercise and you can most definately tell you're getting a workout instead of getting shin splints or something.
Runner: I feel so violated, what about you?
Swimmer: I feel like the fuckin' Fly after he teleported himself.
Runner: I feel so violated.
by madmaxxx March 23, 2005
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A sport in which guys get to be in the same pool and rub them selves up against girls that are half-naked while the boys are wearing a piece of cloth that resemble panties
by Bow down to santa November 17, 2005
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a sport that gets you in shape but is in some cases extremely boring. many people prefer waterpolo. many dont see the point of swimming as hard as you can to one end of the pool, only to turn around and do it again. how ever many times you signed up to do it. swimmers always say they hate it. yet, when their friends ask why they still do it, they say they don't know.
'i HATE swimming. going to swim practice is like the LAST thing i want to do right now.'
'then don't go.'
'i have to.'
'i dont know....'
by swimming sucks major butt February 23, 2005
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