1. Excl: An exclamation that warns another to back off or you will get violent.
2. Adj: Describes a situation or object aggreeable to one's preference.
3. Verb: Swet=See, as in "See you later!"
"Swet! Swet! I'll kick your nuts"
"That's a pretty swet flower arrangement."
"Swet you later!"

by Pablo Medi April 13, 2006
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A common typo for sweet, one typo that is usually created on purpose, only through an instant messanger consversation. This word is a breakthrough in internet lingo. The one creator of all said lingo, Joseph Dubovik, will be remembered into the days ahead.
xxxTkngBakSundyGrlxxx: HEY

XXbrokenheartedXX: hey y0, im so swet, i just thought about when i was making leetsaus in my kitchen, and then i was like, whoaa
by Jonathon Grendjmeier October 24, 2005
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A male or man or boy
In a chatroom:
guy2:im a swet
by Kooby May 25, 2005
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A word that describes something that's hot. Or something that would typically take a lot of skill and practice to do, therefore causing the person to sweat.
Forget your ex. That new girl you got right there is a swet.

That double under-the-legs dunk you did at the end of the 3rd quarter was a friggin swet, bro!
by tHEBx41 November 7, 2012
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when you’re too cool to type sweatpants or sweats
I’ll be over soon, but first I’m gonna slip on my gray swets and socks that don’t stop.
by chicofeo March 12, 2019
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