Not the only quarter not to lose focus. It does no good to start a quarter focused if you're not going to finish it focused, and vice versa. Even if you're a young team without the experience, stats, or weapons of an opponent, you can still get things done if don't lose your focus.
Improving in a 3rd quarter shouldn't take focus away from everything else you're already doing.
by Solid Mantis January 3, 2021
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The quarter you have to get ready for/be ready for if you often have bad 3rd quarters in otherwise good games where you lose the game by less than a touchdown. Don't think the other team won't come back if you've played well so far in the game, you have to keep going to finish, otherwise you just start every game off good then assume it was the fumbles and mistakes that cost you the game, when really it was losing focus that cost you the game.
The Panthers really have to work on their 3rd quarter of every game if they're going to start finishing seasons and getting to the postseason.
by Solid Mantis December 27, 2021
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The quarter the Panthers quit doing what they were doing to start the game off, and the quarter they don't think to do what they will do to end the game. They finish the game, but they get into a slump just about every 3rd quarter.
The Panthers don't do too well in a 3rd quarter, and other teams know it.
by Solid Mantis November 15, 2020
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