Really sweet and nice, while at the same time a total badass. Usually describes someone you are attracted to.
He's soooooooo irresistible because he is such a sweetass guy.
by Ellen H. February 07, 2009
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Term often used at College Misericordia, used mainly by the female population to explain either (a) how awesome something is, or (b) an affectionate term towards your friends.
(a) "Hey, i just found 20 bucks down in the Den"

(b) "Heyyyy bitttch"
"Heyyy sweetass"
by anona July 07, 2006
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An expression, meaning cool, awesome, pimpin, etc.
Bob: Man, did you see that awesome flip I just did?

Fred: Yea man!! That was sweetass.
by FrankieSayRelax August 23, 2009
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An adjective describing how you feel about something being the best thing ever
Newman: Did you get those tickets?
Dave: Yea sure did.
Newman: Sweetass. I'm stoked to see the game.
by Bigo Cheese February 04, 2010
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(Singular) The female equivalent of a smartass.
If Tom, was being a smartass, then that makes his girlfriend, Betty a Sweetass when she's being a bitch!
by Julius the Jules January 14, 2016
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