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An expression, meaning cool, awesome, pimpin, etc.
Bob: Man, did you see that awesome flip I just did?

Fred: Yea man!! That was sweetass.
by FrankieSayRelax August 23, 2009
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A phrase dat describes something very cool innit. Like if youz get a million bucks that would be sweet ass.
Teacher: You can leave early from class today.
Me: Sweet Ass!
by MC Liquid November 19, 2004
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Adjective. Describes something more than just sweet.
Dude, that is one sweet ass car; did you steal it?
She was accepted at Duke on scholoarship and got a sweet ass deal on her dorm fees as well.
by izzyd March 25, 2006
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Urban Declarative. Sweet ass is used to celebrate a happy moment. used by Cartman in the show South Park.
I found five bucks! Sweet Ass!

Sweet Ass! Look at that car!

That girl has a sweet ass.
by Donny October 28, 2002
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1. something totally awesome or cool. used to show happiness, or a good expression.
2. about half-way up someone's body, there is a region called the "ass". also used to state that someone has a "Sweet Ass". sweet in this case usually meaning hott.
1. "I got that new Panic! At The Disco CD I wanted!"
"Sweet Ass, dude!"
2. "Dang, baby! You gotta Sweet Ass!"
by Miss Dorkette March 15, 2006
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