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The phrase a girl often uses when shooting a guy down.
"You're a really sweet guy, but I don't want to date you."
by Zeke April 22, 2005
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A male, who is very sweet to the ladies, he's so sweet every girl friend zones him. He also has gets played and cheated on left and right. He get's tired of girls hurting him, so he decides to do crazy and daring things.
Girl 1: He is such a sweet-guy, let's his life.
Girl 2: Okay, let's lead him on and then date a douche bag.
Girl 1: You read my mind!
by ThaGoldenRod June 19, 2012
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A sarcastic term for jerk or an asshole.
When a guy fucks a girl and then does not want anything to do with her, that's when all her friends and her call him a sweet guy.

example: " he only used me for sex, sweet guy"
by chelsea and ashley April 27, 2011
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When used in Southern USA, it describes a guy who's sweet on other guys.
He brought me up to my hotel room and let me in with his master key. I was sore so he started massaging my shoulders... it felt so good! What a sweet guy!
by !Danger! April 07, 2011
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an expression with a meaning that ranges from surprise to indifference
"i found a dead monkey in your backyard"
"sweet guy"
by trix November 27, 2004
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