When a black beauty's derriere is worldly and booty bouncin to the bass on a dance floor to where she is sweeping the floor like a broom.
"That girl be sweepin and booty bumpin."

"Look at that girl sweepin."
by p herbs and c money May 1, 2010
A pair of contestants who excels on the TV game show Supermarket Sweep.
Look at that sweepintor go!
The health & beauty aids section has a lot of products in small packages, but that sweepinator knows that they'll bring big bucks at the checkout counter!
by Telephony June 1, 2020
going inta cubs when ur broak n takin other drinks,and the ends of drinks on da tables.
we went sweepin in spirit club last nite,well mouldy after it boss!!
by shamirishboi August 30, 2005
For those truly leet, to sweep their deep deep deeps.
Jon went to the bathroom to start sweepin the deeps with his new razor.
by Mr.Sweepdeep July 26, 2009
The act of sublty, and quickly creeping on people's facebook pictures and/or recent history.
"Wes has creeped on 15 girls on Facebook in 10 minutes, he's straight sweepin!!!"
by beckieboo1990 August 9, 2012