somthing that's popping,or something thats hot
"yo son you seen that' nigga's sneakers them shits is swayzee"
by Rafy April 6, 2006
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to leave: such as in Patrick Swayzee in the movie Ghost
to disappear
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1. Drug intoxication that results in the appearance of a profoundly exaggerated age.
My ex-girlfriend moved to across the Bay and became part of the drug culture there. The first time I had seen her after five years, I was appalled by how swayzeed she looked.
by Steve Patrick Landon July 14, 2016
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A chill (too chill) person who often has crazy attacks (like starts laughing).
*Inside a classroom*
Someone starts laughing
" Why you actin swayzee?"
by Lili Bee April 27, 2017
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The term swayzee googles refers to a users inability to judge the opposite sexes phyiscal attributes (face,tits,pussy,ass)because of the use of alcohol and/or illegal substances. When you have swayzee goggles your judgement is defered and you may attempt to wheel a broad who is rated a 3.5 out of 10 or lower. When you have these goggles users may add as many as 3-4 points to the females actual rating.
"How much did you drink bro, that girl is ugly, you must have swayzee goggles!"
by Jackson Tinos November 26, 2007
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A mallet or hard object strictly used to close stuck locking pins on a video screen.
Hey bro, I got a couple pins over here that just wont lock. Can you grab me a Swayzee?
by Super Rad Kids June 13, 2018
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A backhand with the palm of your hand

A pimp slap that is greater than a pimp slap

To hit or slap someone/something with so much force and so much epicness that can only be described as a swayzee
Bro, you full on swayzeed that mother!

She just full on swayzeed his shoulder.

Did you see that ninja kitty swayzee that dog upside the face? I did.

He just swayzeed him in the face! That was so badass.
by Recon Corps September 21, 2013
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