a person exhibiting cunt like behavior
Mary stole my sub sandwich, what a dirty swath
by themaninthesuit April 3, 2007
Somone who can be quite quiet however if give the chance then they will not shut up unless ended! They can be rediculiously big headed but when the time is right once in a blue moon they can be the funniest person you will ever meet.
She is such a swathe!!
by Unknow guy March 15, 2015
To roll around in blankets when you are stoned
Joel smoked some weed and has been swathing for the past hour
by kmactodeath April 22, 2011
An racist word or oppressive term used to offend people of dark complexion or tan skin color from non-European backgrounds.


A replacement word used as a offensive term instead of calling a person a nigger.

A term made popular in the 1950's 1960's and 1970's to 1980's when racism was accepted in many countries.
Those swathes always squat while they shit, there a real bunch of swathes if you know what i mean.

We used to cut those swathes down like thick grass in the corn fields.
by Van Hellsing July 19, 2022
A term used by delirious office types referring to a relatively large set of data or information.
During lunch I was counting the number of times I breathed, now I have a large swath of data to work with
by Bank of America2 March 23, 2011
Bob grew up in DC & cut a wide swath with women of loose morals.
by Storm_84 July 10, 2017
To swat away smells from your area.
That lady, pooted right next to me. I was swathing her farts all day.
by Ace madea February 28, 2019