A name given to a guy with fresh buns.
Hey, Pillsbury. Those buns are fresh.
by zimmygirl777 December 10, 2022
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Handle given to particularly large, violent males when described in relation to their significant other.
"I didn't remember her name, but I know her boyfriend is a total pillsbury, and he'd probably sunset flip my head right off"
"It began with an 'S', and yeah he would"
by Splayt September 8, 2005
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A woman's ass that is well rounded, well shaped, and firm.

Not overly ghetto huge, but not small either.

Derived from 'Pillsbury Doughboy' cinnamon buns. Where the buns are warm, look tasty, and are always perfect.
Guy 1: Damn! Did you see the ass on that girl?

Guy 2: Naw. How'd it look?

Guy 1: That shit was pillsbury homie!
by Christian E. July 22, 2008
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n. Money. Comes from the word dough
I just bought a new crib! I gotta make that pilsbury son!
by Bling-a-fye May 25, 2005
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To poke or prod another individual's gut with an extended index finger, after which the victim is expected to emit a high pitched "tee-hee."
I began to pillsbury your mother like she had a whole tray of crescent rolls in the oven.
by Poetus the Foetus May 16, 2008
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Money. Pillsbury makes products necessary for making dough, and dough is another term for money. Hence, Pillsbury.
Daddy, why are you going to work?

Gotta make that pillsbury, son.
by grantaclause July 31, 2006
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