4 definitions by Ace madea

To swat away smells from your area.
That lady, pooted right next to me. I was swathing her farts all day.
by Ace madea February 28, 2019
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A despicable statement belted regardless of other interference.
Dude interrupting our conversation was discipabelo yelling while we were on the phone.
by Ace madea November 4, 2017
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V. When you are drinking with a partner and you feed them a shot through a kiss.
I was drinking with my friend Suzi yesterday and she asked for a drink, so I bird-init straight to her when we started to makeout.
by Ace madea February 12, 2019
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Verb. Being so drunk that you pass out in the middle of an empty room and use the carpet as your pillow.
My friend was so stroan last night that I found him naked laying there.
by Ace madea November 21, 2015
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