Used when a solution is reached, or when a task is accomplished.
Hey, have you got that budget proposal sussed?
by LGD May 19, 2004
When one assumed to be a normal civilian begins acting in a suspicious manner over a short period of time.
Blue: “Red Sussing”
by Jagg’a April 24, 2021
When somebody say some suss shit and don't say no homo, they have sussness in them
The homie Kavon got sussness in him. He said he would suck dick for 20$ without saying no homo afterwards.
by MENITO🅱️USSOLINI April 4, 2017
Jamaican Slang/Patois for Information and or Gossip ("411")
by Zedebe November 3, 2010
A lovely girl who's funny and has short temper. She is very beautiful and hot. She knows how to have a good time and will love you to death. She will care for you till she can't. She will also punch and poke you a lot
Sussely is fun to be around!
by Sussely July 17, 2017
causally make out
did you suss tonight?
just sussed that chick.
by pineapplehead1 June 7, 2019
Sussing is the act of being shady in a relationship sense. Someone who withholds information about their other sexual partners and convinces someone they are exclusive. Playing with someones emotions.
Lexi: This man told me he loved me last week but he's been really sus lately

Sam: Did you ask him about it?
Lexi: Yeah he said there's nothing to worry about
~a day later
Lexi: This mans just texted me saying he has a gf!
Sam: Damn this guy was really sussing you!
by BRITANI BITCH November 22, 2018