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Sussing is the act of being shady in a relationship sense. Someone who withholds information about their other sexual partners and convinces someone they are exclusive. Playing with someones emotions.
Lexi: This man told me he loved me last week but he's been really sus lately

Sam: Did you ask him about it?
Lexi: Yeah he said there's nothing to worry about
~a day later
Lexi: This mans just texted me saying he has a gf!
Sam: Damn this guy was really sussing you!
by BRITANI BITCH November 21, 2018
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When you think someone is being sus in Among Us.
- I'm sussing yellow.
- I was doing wires!!!
by Bagesz September 23, 2020
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To suck, lick, fellate, or cunniling-ate, or otherwise orally manipulate.

Alternatively, one may drop the g and opt for an apostrophe ending - sussin'
I was sussing on her toes but when she came she kicked me in the mouth.

by abracadabra123 December 21, 2008
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