When one assumed to be a normal civilian begins acting in a suspicious manner over a short period of time.
Blue: “Red Sussing”
by Jagg’a April 24, 2021
Sussing is the act of being shady in a relationship sense. Someone who withholds information about their other sexual partners and convinces someone they are exclusive. Playing with someones emotions.
Lexi: This man told me he loved me last week but he's been really sus lately

Sam: Did you ask him about it?
Lexi: Yeah he said there's nothing to worry about
~a day later
Lexi: This mans just texted me saying he has a gf!
Sam: Damn this guy was really sussing you!
by BRITANI BITCH November 22, 2018
Generally used as friendly replacement of "figured out", "worked out" or "done".
"You've got it all sussed out don't you, Mac?"
by Damien B June 30, 2004
UK Slang for "figured out."
Even though Ainsley sussed out that her love for Morgan will never be requited, she kept hoping in her heart that someday he may change his mind.
by Babydoll75 March 20, 2019
Discovered the answer. Achieved individual enliglenment regarding a current problem or dilema.
Ah, I think I've sussed it...
by Lactose the Intollerent November 25, 2003
To discover or realize information, usually with a level of intuition playing a role.
She was able to suss out his lies very quickly.
by Wylie June 24, 2003
Short for the word 'suspicious'.
I don't know whats going on, its a bit suss.

She looks pretty suss, wonder whats happening?
by Pen4 May 14, 2005