Among us? Like that sussy guy who is literally afk and hasn't moved the entire round? Lets vote him out. Even though two people died to the imposters in the first minute of the game.
"I like sucking dick"
"Woah bro that's kinda sus"
by TheGoldenAppleHD November 15, 2021
idk man im just writing this down so i can sing
my boys being sus and he dont know how to cuss...
by FREEEE ROBUXXXX April 10, 2018
why why why why why why why why why why
by uhhh_yes? May 26, 2021
when two people of the same gender (typically guys) act like they are dating when they're not.
"bro, Chad and Luke have been acting sus recently"
"nah, dude, they're actually dating"
by barf flavored soda December 15, 2021
very sus
by ze-0 March 10, 2021
Have you seen the guyround town? He always looks sus. Like he’s up to something.
by fawk you, birch February 6, 2022
The abbreviation for the term "suspicious". Popularized by the multiplayer game Among Us, it is used to describe someone or something looking skeptical.
"Hey Green. Don't you think Red is acting a bit sus lately?"
"What makes you say that?"
"I saw him go through the vent near the security system."
by monstaudios October 10, 2020