I will never look at the word suspicious the same ever again
"HeY hE jUmPeD iNtO tHe VeNt, ThAt'S kInDa Su-"
*Continues to get 360 No-Scope Headshotted by a man named ButtFucker69420 using a Barret M82 Sniper Rifle*

I gotta say suspicious so I can post this shit on here, so just ignore this
by AmazinGamer1273 June 21, 2021
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The belief that everyone is working for the government and spying on you. Basically when something seems to be out of the ordinary. Either it is too good to be true or too likely that the person is from the fbi.

fbi webcam ordinary
Person 1: "Whatsup?"
Person 2: "Not much just chilling"
Person 1: "Well thats suspicious........"
by gemini666 August 13, 2018
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Suspicious is a word that means somebody accuses or realises that a person has malicious intentions.
I was suspicious on her, she seemed to be pulling out a rather odd knife.
by Cookiesandnuggets May 21, 2021
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Two men walk out of the toilet, one's zipping up his pants and the other is licking his lips.
jon and mark look awfly suspicious
by superdupercool July 28, 2006
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To cause or arouse suspcion.
Make sure that you don't suspiciate your parents on your way out of the house.
by A Bored Teenager February 13, 2007
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A particularly odd person who often seems overly-friendly and opportunistic and has a feeling of strangeness to them; that betrays a feeling of trust and regularity.
The Polish man from Eastern European running a business selling tobacco and liquor on Main Street is pretty suspicious. No surprise, nobody in town seems to buy from him.
by Charmouche March 13, 2017
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