yfm is a slang term that usually means you feel me which if you dont know doesnt mean literally it means if you understand and get the person or subject.
Guy 1: Yo man what do you think ab the new girl?

Guy 2: Bro she is so hot. i kinda wanna ask her out yfm?
by clark bottomhouser August 23, 2018
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hey jack she cute (jack) hell ye i would hit that yfm
by wfm November 11, 2020
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Slang for "You feel me" or also known as the title of the popular internet music producer group "Your Favorite Martian"
by nutDeezNot March 4, 2022
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it stands for "ya feel me" in a sense of saying, you understand? you get what i'm saying?
"science as a colour is green. yfm?"

"yeah I get you bro"
by dasho.baguette May 17, 2022
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