an among us word where to determine that red is suspicious/suspect. it is a short sentence. cuz red is sus because red shushes
and didnt tell crewmates he was imposter
Sentence: RED KINDA SUS to me btw
sentence:i suspect red. he is acting sus
by ISSDefinitions October 19, 2020
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Some stupid joke that people make for some reason. Its based on among us
Person 1: yo ngl red kinda sus
Person 2: This is the 47th time you said this, please stop
by NoodleNoseWasTaken September 30, 2020
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the best counter to anything said about you in among us
red: i just saw black vent, white kill cyan , and blue kill orange. vote them out.
lime: idk red kinda sus

. • ゚ .

. . .

. ඞ . • •

゚ Red was not An Impostor. .

' 3 Impostor remains

゚ . . , . .
by cirnoisjusta⑨ September 27, 2020
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*Red sees you vent*
Red: I saw Cyan vent
Cyan (You): idk Red kinda sus
Red was not An Impostor.
2 impostors remain.
by Haiiguys October 22, 2020
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Green: Red killed
Pink:Red looking kinda sus
Red: if i killed whit why would you emergency instead of report
Green: your shit
Red: ??????
Green: your a fucker and your shit and you fucked up whit
Green:Vote him out guys
Everyone:sure, Everyone voted red
Red: Whyyyyyyy
Green:Die mr.didnotkill
Text Reads:"mr.didnotkill was not The Imposter. 1 Imposter Remains"
SSundee:Red looking kinda sus
by im a dick and my g licked ME January 20, 2021
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