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Meaning good, great, amazing, or phenomenal.
Did you see that pass? It was sus.
by The Real Khepri August 09, 2017
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1.SUS, also meaning- (person) is gay 2. You are sad and crying snot flying everywhere, no one can hear your muffling sounds of sobbing. You cant say anything.... All you can say is; SUS 3. You are "So sorry" But your a millennial so everything you say is abbreviated, so sorry is abbreviated to; SUS.
Alannah: Jessica you are so, SUS
Jessica: Fuck off Alannah, Kill yourself
by Jess&AlannahAreGay November 22, 2017
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Abbr. for "Shut up slut"
Blair: Can't believe I hooked up with that guy and gave him my number...
Jenny: SUS, you love it.
by Fryen Pan June 26, 2011
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sus short for sustanon an injectable steroid 2 most common form of steroid first being dbol-dinabol
let me get a cycle of sus
by you go May 20, 2006
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