Arguably the best zombie game in existence. Found as a mod for ARMA 2
by SomeWhiteKid... July 7, 2012
When you are killed in a video game by a bug. Originally from getting killed by a DayZ standalone bug, such as the ladder glitch.
Oh man, I just got DayZed.
by GrandHunterMan May 6, 2014
Just like "days" but gangsta.
Bro 1: man I could eat a peach for a week straight!

Bro 2: So you could eat a peach for dayze!???

Bro 1: For realz, fo dayze!
by Wood elf dragon lady killer November 4, 2013
Dayz has been a handle used online since 1997. It originated from a AOL screename which "Ina" or "Dayz" could have been chosen. Dayz was chosen and has been known in online hacking communities ever since.
by itsdayz October 21, 2012
dayz can be used after sayin fucken anything at all. it juz makes normal shit that wouldnt normally be funny... um... it makes them funny.
Tommo: oi ben dayz?
Ben: yeh tommo wot u doin tonite dayz?
by benjohnson May 1, 2005
Used to describe a really crazy situation.
Person 1: Were you able to get that TV on Black Friday?
Person 2: Nah man, everyone at Best Buy was Crayz for Dayz!

Person 1: Aye you down to party tonight?
Person 2: Sorry, I have to study. Finals week is Crayz for Dayz!
by eyesontheprize19 December 3, 2011
When someone says they are going to not do something ever again, and break that statement within the same day.

The term comes from the zombie survival game DayZ, in which people tend to get very angry upon death and state that they will never play the game again. They almost always end up playing the game again the same day.
"Oh dammit I died again in DayZ, I'm never playing this stupid game again!!"

"It's just The DayZ Effect! You'll be playing it again within an hour."
by MarthurSR May 15, 2017