Album by Nine Inch Nails

Easily one of the greatest political albums. Check out the ARG websites.
"Damn! I need to stop listening to Year Zero and start drinking the water."
by Bitchgoddess May 3, 2007
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The Presence at the end of "My Violent Heart?" Secret messages in band merch? Flash drives in Portugese bathrooms with Year Zero leaks? Trent Reznor is a fucking genius!
by maybell1ne February 18, 2007
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The time period between 2000 and 2009, an unnamed decade, not a whole "New Millenium."

"Zero" as in "things can't get any worse"
We've had history's worst Terrorist Attack, Natural Disaster, Hurricane and Corporate Fraud and we're only half-way through the Zero Years!
by Kittbashah October 23, 2005
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