The best place to go to kill time or win some money.
Usually a smokey place downtown and occupied by an assortment of characters.
dude 1- I bet i can beat you at call shot 8 ball
dude 2-alright asshole thats TFB,lets go down to the pool hall and race to 3 for fifty.
by Shoot pool honkey January 25, 2008
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To pretend to suck at something while someone is watching then challenge Money is involved them to whatever it is you're doing. Thinking that you suck, they accept the challenge. Then you play seriously, surprising them and causing them to lose, and you to hustle some money out of them. Primarily performed at a game of Pool or Billiards.
Timmy: Why would you bet 200 dollars on a game of pool?
Joe: He was playing shitty before I thought he sucked!
Timmy: You got hit with the Pool Hall Hustle, bro.
by SundanceKid January 9, 2008
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