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Someone who is looked at as leaving behind or neglecting their culture and assimilating to a white, western culture.
by Ten10am March 29, 2006
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A term that now has also come to refer to the entertainment industry's attempt at making ethnic characters more appealing to the white, money-spending masses by making exotic characters less ethnic and more "white."
Isn't Chun Li supposed to be 100% Chinese? Why did Hollywood totally whitewash her and cast a half-asian actress to play her in that horrible new Street Fighter movie??

Thanks to commercial whitewashing, every token "black" girl on tv has become a light skinned black girl. This does not bode well for dark skinned black actresses.
by New Webster's Dictionary May 01, 2010
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1. to win decisively, especially before the other side can achieve a single goal

2. to make something undesirable, damaging seem legitimate or acceptable, usually by falsification or concealment
by The Return of Light Joker September 29, 2009
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(n., v., or adj.) A process or result or act: when a person who is considered a minority adopts a lifestyle (including speech, mannerisms, clothing, etc.) that is attributed secludedly to those of European descent, white people.
1. She is whitewashed.
by SugarBear August 16, 2005
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A term used, apparently, only where it snows. A whitewash is when you grab somebody by the back of the head, usually when wrestling, and rub their face into the snow. This is a technique primarily used during snowball fights. Made better when the whitewashee bleeds. Distant relative: the swirly.
Dude, AJ face-planted while boarding today, and Chris whitewashed him on the bunny hill!!
by mr. fluffy December 12, 2006
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It basically means to let go of your nationality and acting in ways "white".
Wow she just came to this country yet she doesn't have the slightest accent and rocks our style! She is soo whitewash.
by raspberry13 December 10, 2007
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