To move sideways, usually for the purpose of dodging. A term generally used by FPS games.
Strafe to avoid getting hit by enemy fire.
by Draconio March 7, 2004
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To move from side to side, usually for shooting or evading. Used for many FPS games.
Nobody ever used the word strafe before they put it in video games!

You can avoid them by strafing.
by Nero7x November 20, 2005
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to have a hard sex with a girl
by Uche January 26, 2008
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The word Strafe or Strafing as some people call it, is when a player is dodging some sort of attack in a video game by going side-to-side.
Watch out, that player is strafing.

Don't peak, that player is strafing at the end of the hall.
by Nulzn June 7, 2022
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For partners to continuously keep touching each others bodies for a short sexual pleasure
The teacher caught them strafing in the class
by inimitable 12 February 14, 2015
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When firing a fully-automatic weapon, the action of pulling the trigger and sweeping the target area back and forth multiple times in order to minimize the effect of the weapon's relatively low accuracy.
"The terrorist targeted a crowd of ten American tourist with his AK-47 and strafed the group multiple times, massacreing them all."
by Sourbread February 3, 2005
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A term used in Halo 3 where a player moves side to side or however to avoid being shot at.
Wow, i couldn't get a head shot. That guy had a good strafe.
by MLG PRO CIRCUIT July 2, 2010
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