Bottling up feelings and hiding them for somebody because you subconsciously know they will destroy something or somebody
Angel had suppressed emotions for K**li and took the secret to her grave because her bestie liked her first
by cooldefines June 3, 2020
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When you bottle up and refrain yourself from feeling an emotion
Angel suppressed emotions towards Kaeli because she didn’t want to be that one friend that is crushing on her friends crush
by cooldefines June 3, 2020
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adjective; noun: the things, words, or actions you hold back, because if released they would instantly let the world know where you came from and just how crazy you can truly be.
adj: Jacque was livid when her co-worker, Rita, took credit for her idea. You could almost see the suppressed hood written all over her face. Had they been back on the block, she would have given Rita a piece of her mind; then proceeeded kicked her ass.

noun: While smiling brightly, Jon was thinking about cussing the disrespectful boy clean out. But since he was on the clock, Jon remained just a another suppressed hood.
by WordGyrl May 20, 2010
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When you can't get a role in your discord server, and you feel a deep suppressive sadness building up inside your soul, until it eventually consumes you whole.
Me feeling big Deep Suppressed Sadness (role edition)
by Role Sadness April 9, 2021
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(noun) - A device worn on one's head to conceal male-pattern baldness when out and about amongst his peers (e.g. a hat) Particularly useful when around women.

("ding" as in "balDING")

hat scalp gross peacocking vanity
Insecure dude: "I don't want all the girls at the club to laugh at me when I hit on them tonight so I better cover that scalp up with some ding suppression."

Bro: "Wise choice bro!"
by PieIDemandPie July 8, 2013
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