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Synonym: Perfect.

A Jacque is often described as the perfect girl. You will feel the need to love her like you have never loved before. Like the sweetest drug, you crave her. She is very spontaneous and energetic. Her laugh will make you want to laugh. Her smile will make you feel weak at the knees. Her eyes will make you melt away, and are slightly everchanging; gingerbread, mocha, caramel toffee. So deep you could drown in them.

Synonym: Sexy

A Jacque is a goddess, to say the least. She will set you on fire from the inside and leave you lusting for her. She'll make you think you're a sinner, but it's all you can do to even try to resist her; but you better hope to God you can resist her, because if you don't, you will have to deal with a Kayla-(put on this earth to love only a Jacque).
She is the most perfect thing I have ever seen. She must be a Jacque.
by Kayy-Jayy-Pee (Kayla fo Realz) January 27, 2009
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A true gentleman. Easy going humble and sexually stunning. Educated. Loyal, with the highest amount of will power you will ever find. He has been through the toughest things. Known for his huge endowment.
Watch out there goes Jacques.

Jacques is always working out.
by Billyray November 24, 2013
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Jacques's is a crazy but funny guy. He does anything and everything just for the sake of it.He is quite creepy and it is hard to understand him.He has an attitude and isn't afraid of no one
Jacques is spooking the shit out of me
Jacques is too Jokes!!!!
by Nigga Type February 05, 2015
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A loyal friend and true gentleman that triples as an amazing dance partner! Big plus, he is certainly something nice to look at too!
I have known Jacques for a short time but feel like I have known him for a lifetime given the value of his friendship.
by Kelikins June 07, 2011
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This name is synonymous with a person of a supremely easy going and kind nature and an affection for cannabis. He is what is generally considered to be cool and also massively generous. He does a lot of washing up and we love him for it...can't cook though. Should NOT be confused with "Jack".
Chill out man, be more of a Jacques.
Everyone should be more like a Jacques.
by Freyja Siren November 17, 2007
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A beautiful girl. She is perfect in every single way. she can be blonde at times but its ok because she is adorable. guys fall all over her. she is sometimes hard on herself but shouldn't be because any man would be lucky to have her. Her cousin loves her more than she could ever imagine!! Love you Jac<3
Boy: Look at Jacque! I love her!!
Boy 2: NOO I love her!!
Boy: ima kick yo ass!!!!
by i love my cousin! July 08, 2011
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