n.-A female that ,when brought to climax, ejaculates a large amount of vaginal fluid leaving the bed and/or partner soaked.
She came so hard, she turned out to be a supersoaker. The bed had a puddle in it!
by S.m.G. November 1, 2007
A large plastic gun that shoots lots of water.
by Anonymous September 21, 2003
A guy who cums so much that it soaks himself or his partner from head to toe.
Johnny is such a supersoaker, I had cum all over me!
by Scott SWFL March 28, 2007
To cum upon another in a shower.
Best done by surprise.
Kevin is a supersoaker.
by koolkid464 March 26, 2009
to ejaculate on someone. making someone drip in cum as if soaked with a super soaker.
guy: imma supersoak this ho
*guy skeets on a girl*
girl: damn you supersoaked me
by aludin August 11, 2007