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used as 'sent clean'
when you have no emotions, something has shocked you or made you emotionless, i am clean!
Your pet dog dies...
I am clean.
by Tricky January 5, 2004
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Instead of a taking a shower or shampooing one's hair in the morning (generally due to tardiness), simply wearing a baseball cap over one's ratty hair.
Dude, I was late for class, so I had to take a hat shower.
by Tricky February 5, 2008
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(derived from smegma)

The combinatory detritus of underwear lint, sweat and toilet paper which can be found lodged in the upper butt crack; butt cheese.
When wiping one's ass, be sure to get all that gunga out as well.
by Tricky February 25, 2004
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A person who uses excessive superfluous hott topic clothing.
Examples of this may be that kid in your 7th period science class that has no more than 200 billion spikes on, 150 of those silly rubber bracelettes, and baggy pants with more than a million 666's written on them.

Here, do them a favor. Give them this #: 1-800-adoptalifeformyfakefreakass.
by Tricky November 7, 2003
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An adjective to discribe something of high liking.
"Dat whip was pure kewlness Dude."
by Tricky November 6, 2003
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Extra; Uneccassary
"That comment about your wang issues were completely Superfluous."
by Tricky November 7, 2003
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