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(derived from smegma)

The combinatory detritus of underwear lint, sweat and toilet paper which can be found lodged in the upper butt crack; butt cheese.
When wiping one's ass, be sure to get all that gunga out as well.
by Tricky February 25, 2004

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God's Replacement
"Everyone act busy, rikky's coming"
by tricky September 14, 2003

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Extra; Uneccassary
"That comment about your wang issues were completely Superfluous."
by Tricky November 07, 2003

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An adjective to discribe something of high liking.
"Dat whip was pure kewlness Dude."
by Tricky November 06, 2003

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chinnor, thame, shaggy, (oxfordshire)
Naylor has one bollock, WURP!
by Tricky May 04, 2004

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Instead of a taking a shower or shampooing one's hair in the morning (generally due to tardiness), simply wearing a baseball cap over one's ratty hair.
Dude, I was late for class, so I had to take a hat shower.
by Tricky February 05, 2008

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Rwaffle is a form of the internet abbreviation "rofl," or the mxican "refl."
"omgosh rwaffle! you are so funny."
by Tricky April 14, 2005

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