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Someone who claims to have an advanced knowledge of a subject they actually know little or nothing about.
Person 1: "Hey, have you see the newest episode of House?"
Person 2: "Uh... yeah, it was awesome."
Person 1: "Have you ever even seen the show?"
Person 2: "Umm... sure... I've like... seen every episode."
Person 1: "Dude, stop being such a know-it-all wannabe."
by Shquiggles November 09, 2009

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The one and only word capable of describing Shquiggles. Although both God and Chuck Norris also qualify.
Person 1: "Did you hear? Shquiggles is the single greatest being ever to walk the Earth. In fact, he was so beyond all comprehension, they had to invent a new word just to describe him!"
Person 2: "O''Rly? What was the word?"
Person 1: "Fantastikickassawesometacular."
Person 2: "OMG Mate! My head just exploded from even attempting to imagine his greatness!"
by Shquiggles November 08, 2009

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A word often used by a know-it-all wannabe in an attempt to sound smart.
Person 1: "You know, some people consider me a genius."
Person 2: "Yeah right! I've seen garden hoses with more braincells then you."
Person 1: "How very superfluous of you."
Person 2: "You have absolutely no idea what that means, do you?"
Person 1: "..."
by Shquiggles November 09, 2009

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