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Superbad.com is a stupid, yet funny, website to visit if your bored.
Lets go on superbad... what the hell? this website makes no sense! cool!
by Spitfire November 18, 2004
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Another definiton of a female super hero. Or, a naughty chick!
Best said by singer - Adrienne Bailon
Just call me... SuperBad!
by DAyDAy.DUMMiE September 17, 2009
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A movie that has been made into a cultural phenomenon for no good reason. It's a dollar theater movie at best. Just like Snakes on a Plane, the hype was way better than the movie.
Man 1:Man Superbad was awesome! Best movie ever.
Man 2:...What are you, retarded?
by Jumanji November 05, 2007
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