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only the funniest damn movie of the century
dude 1: wanna go rent forty-year-old virgin?
dude 2: im gonna kill you just for saying that, bitch get in the car! we're goin to go see superbad!
by mikey1337 August 20, 2007
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A kickass movie that must be seen in theater. It's one of those movies that defines a generation. Go see it!
"Alright, so we have an African Jew wearing a hoodie". - Officer Michaels from Superbad
by Thatbossmothafucka August 25, 2007
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best movie ever.

shoves the pie on AMERICAN PIE
turns NATIONAL LAMPOON into national rangoon
moves BREAKFAST CLUB to dinner

and last but not the least.
introduced MCLOVIN to the world and made McDREAMY and MCsteamy cry like sissies
logic 101

every body has seen superbad
joe has not seen it
joe is a faggget
by Super Oreo August 28, 2007
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A Awesome Starring
Jonah Hill as Seth
Michael Cera as Evan
Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Mclovin
Seth Rogen as ? cop
Bill Hader as ? cop

Seth and Evan want Nothing more than to hook up with the girls they like before heading off to college. To do that, though, they need to get liquor for the big party that night. With the help of their friend Fogell, a.k.a. Mclovin, and his fake I.D., the three of themgo on a chase for that elusive booze, dodging incompetent cops while attempting to reverse a lifelong losing streak in one hilarious night!
Superbad was hillarious
by Seagulls Of Satan August 04, 2008
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superbad is a movie where three friends go on an "adventure" to get alcohal for a party where they have high hopes of getting laid
superbad is a funny ass movie
by shred4yearz August 21, 2008
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Used to describe someone who doesn't care what others think, frequently listens to 70s Funk. A brother with immense soul power who others aspire to be. Struts, pulls hoes with ease and drives big cars with fuzzy dice hanging off the rear-view mirror.

See James Brown's track aptly titled "Super Bad".
"I got soooouuuullll, and I'm SUPER BAD!"
"Hah! I love to do my thing! Hah, and I don't need no one else!"
"Good gawd! I'm SUPER BAD!"
by SOUL BROTHA 14 September 06, 2006
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A 2007 movie about three high schoolers trying to get laid, party and get drunk. Now its not the best or funnest movie ever. But it's entertaining and funny. But it's this generations American Pie, or this generations Porky's. One of Judd Apatow's best
Superbad is often quoted by people of ages 14-26 these days.

Rudy: She's DTF down to fuck!

Jo: what's that from?

Rudy: Superbad
by Sexymullatoboi July 28, 2011
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