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When you have multiple cats and they just lay around near each other or in Catloaf position doing nothing. In other words, you have say three cats and they just lay in the living room not to far from each other, doing exactly nothing.
*Walks into living room and sees his three cats just laying around and one is in the cat loaf position.

Joey: What are cats doing? Having a cat meeting?
by Sexymullatoboi March 04, 2019
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1.Stoner/hippie slang for weed.

2.What Scooby Doo says
Fred: I'm all out of Scooby snacks would you like a doobie snack?

Shaggy: Oh yeah doobie snacks let's get stoned

Scooby: Scooby DOOBIE *PUFF* doooooooo!!!
by Sexymullatoboi December 26, 2005
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The best Soda ever hands down. Even if your a juggalo, from Detroit or whatever it is awesome. It's best favors are Rock and Rye, Orange and moonmist.
Ex 1: I was at the ICP concert and Shaggy threw a 2 liter of faygo at the whole cword

Ex 2: I wanna go home and drink some faygo while I listen to my old records and eat spagettios
by Sexymullatoboi April 27, 2008
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An innoying song from the Sponge bob Square pants movie. also an under sea peanut that Sponge bob and Patrick admire.
by Sexymullatoboi August 10, 2005
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An amaradillo dude from Shining force.
He has good defence and somewhat of a good attack.
by Sexymullatoboi August 10, 2005
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A loser who fallows trends and then says there different and shit. When they are the same as everyone else. They have the damn right to call everyone who doe'snt fallow trends or cool loser. But they are'nt real so they are the real losers.
Examples: Half the people on Myspace are Scene kids
by Sexymullatoboi June 11, 2006
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1.I funnier way of saying feces

2.Radioactive feces that glows and if you fall in you'll turn into an ***hole literally.
1.Jordan: Eat poo poo you bastard!

2.John Turtle: Oh no I'm fall'n in the Poo poo

John's son: dad I got an A+ on my math test oh no Poo poo
by Sexymullatoboi December 26, 2005
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