Japanese equivalent of either "awesome" or "awful". Most frequently used to mean the former, at least among westerners.
Chu chu rocketo, rocketo su-go-i.
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meaning amazing, cool, yay
Sascha : lets get some candy!
Me: sugoi sugoi
by lillysboca July 26, 2015
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This is a word used when you are amazed by something
You see that Bugatti you've been dreaming to see in real life, to express your 'surprise' you can say: "Sugoi"
by KiritoKun July 1, 2015
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When spoken by non-Japanese persons (often fanboys), this means "Please punch me in the crotch."
(at a con)
Fanboy: "Sugoi!"
non-Fanboy: "Okay."
Fanboy: "Ow!"
by chris.t February 24, 2008
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Phrase to show excellence, coolness, and awesome powa supa dupa 100% for Japanase girls.
Hey bitch look at this.....Suuugooiiii!!
by maybenot September 28, 2003
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Sugoi is a Japanese word to express excitement or amazement. It is also used to say 'Good job!'
"Sugoi! I got an A+ on my maths test!"

"Sugoi, name!"
by password. May 31, 2020
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a word used to describe the serval who is a wild cat native to Africa
That's a Sugoi-Cat!
by Sugoi-cat February 2, 2018
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