22 definitions by maybenot

slang for getting head from a girl. the implication is that your wang is gettin close to her brains!
I get brains from that biatch every night.
by maybenot September 5, 2003
One who abets in crime, a gangster, used more in the old days when gangsters not gangsta roamed the mean streets of the cities.
I beat the shit out of the lackey after he looked at me wrong.
by maybenot September 5, 2003
phrase to exaggerate craziness, often in sarcastic or half-joking form.
I'm crazy alright, crazy like a fox!!!
by maybenot September 5, 2003
a broke ass mutha fucka who relies on crack to sustain daily life. Often seen running at full speed for a multitude of reasons.
by maybenot September 5, 2003
When the majestical sidewalls of the vagina pertrude to form a nice outline, cause by some sort of clothing rising up in there.
I stared at the camel toe and it seemed to wave at me.
by maybenot September 3, 2003
Someone in the adult film industry who has huge tits/cack who probably is on drugs 60% of the time which is ok.
Damn I wish I could be a pornstar.
by maybenot September 5, 2003
Bad ass forward for the Portland Trailblazers, got a bad rep because he smokes so much weed, but has talent and just needs to harness it.
Rasheed would beat your ass.
by maybenot September 5, 2003