Saschas are goodlooking, handsome, and sexy all at once. They will always make you laugh, espacially if you're down. If a Sascha ever tries to kiss you, you are a lucky girl! Their kisses are the most wonderful and arousing ones you'll ever get!

Saschas will take part in anything you plan, they are sponatneous, and enthusiastic. And if they fall in love with you, they'll do anything for you. But don't disappoint them! They will never forget what you've done.
Saschaaaaa, I love your style!
by nathy92 December 19, 2016
A girl that people love to be around, shy and quiet on the outside, but outgoing when you get to know her. A giggler who never tells secrets, and is a great friend to have.
Sascha, can I tell you a secret?
by Booksforlife June 5, 2015
The German spelling for a name pronounced "Sah-sha". The name is commonly a male name in Europe and other places in the world, while some English Western countries give it to girls; this spelling however is most common for German males.
Sascha Konietzko is lead singer of Industrial bands KMFDM and MDFMK. Born in Hamburg, Germany.
by Sascha93 June 25, 2010
ruski, very good in csgo, rages very much, but has a very robotic voice. everytime you will see him or meet him up, you will think of a big big vegetable. he is very dark inside and got some mental health issues. but though, he got a very decent ruski accent
Johannes: Dude, you saw that guy on the street? He was very pissed off
Robert: Yeah, this dude is Sascha
by h4x0rMLG January 9, 2018
A person known for their generosity, talent, and determination to exude kindness and originality. Most often, they won't start as the center of a crowd, but they will slowly travel to the center as more and more people realize how valuable of a friend they can be.

A person who bends the laws of social construct and creates a better, brighter world inclusive of all people. Somebody who created a little pocket of beauty in a world masked by fear and hatred, a true beam of sunshine in the dark, with a smile so contagious it lifts the weight off a room, so as to make everyone feel weightless, burden-free, and happy. Make sure you protect them at all costs.
I met Sascha a week ago, they're so nice! I want to be their friend.
by The_Liorax February 27, 2017
Hilarious girl, self conscious with no reason to be, a daring thrill seeker. Doesn't let her height stop her, often very unpredictable.
"What do you want to do this weekend, Sascha?"
"Ooh! Let's watch a horror movie marathon! YAS! LET'S DO IT! RIGHT NOW!!!"
by Booksforlife November 7, 2015
Sascha is THE coolest girl around! She is totally awesome and is super in love with a certain god of erotica... Troy!
by coolsomeone February 3, 2010