The male tit a female sucks on when she is digging for gold, money, fame, and anything in between.
She sucked that sugar tit so much he bought a jaguar.
by JoeOther August 24, 2013
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term used by jonathan valasquez to describe the ULTIMATE pair of suculant tits. oftwer used as sunshine and lady bug refersing to eachothers sweet bossoms.
DAMN! that slut has some nice sugar tits, oh hey rooby
by sunshineANDlove November 23, 2005
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Satisfying a craving for sweets or candy.
After her sugar tit fix, Sheila went back on her diet.
by mysouthernmama February 07, 2009
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Girls only have tits because they are full of sugar (fat)
by Lados Oner January 28, 2015
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when your a fat ass jon smith and ur tits look like they weigh more than an artic beluga
jon smith sugar tits
by obama obama1 February 03, 2009
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A small, blonde, eloquent female, gifted in the art of conversation. Talented rapper, excitable dancer, enthusiastic drinker, inked up to the days. Partner in crime sugardick, who also calls her sugarbooty. One day sugartits and sugardick will breed to make beautiful sugarbabies.
Sugardick: "Yo sugartits, what shall we name our first sugarchild?"
Sugartits: "I think we should call it beyonce"
by sugarbooty August 15, 2013
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large puffy male nipples that look lady like
wow wes malik, u got some sugar tits.
yo wes, i'm strangly attracted to your sugar tits!
by ssuuggaarr_ttiittss_101 October 24, 2010
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