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To make a chick wet.
Man 1. Look at that bitch over there! She hot
Man 2. Yeah she fine as fuck, Ima holla at her
Man 3. Fuck outta here, Ima take her behind the club and Aqua Man that hoe
by Munny August 22, 2007

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Someone who says corny/stupid stuff.
Nerd 1 - I spent 8 hours straight on WOW last night...no toilet breaks or nuthin hahahaha

Nerd 2 - You are amazing! *snorts* hahaha

Nigga walking by - Damn, you crackers is fuckin cornrolls fo'real
by Munny August 21, 2007

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A term for money you have made from selling drugs or any other illegal/mafia type shit.
1 So who the dude with all this doe then?
2 Doe? Hell no..Luigi Donnatelli be gettin that gwap-a-moli
1 Gwap-a-moli?
2 You know...he be sellin crack and shit
by Munny August 21, 2007

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Similar to owned or sonned. When someone is humiliated or made to look a fool by someone else. Can also be known as " Spiderman'ed '' or any other comic book/cartoon hero.
Emcee 1: I aint afraid to slap you son & leave ya lookin like...like

Emcee 2: Ha, dudes chokin like his bitch did on me earlier

Battle Rap Judge: Damn that nigga got Superman'ed
by Munny August 21, 2007

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A girl who has sweet breasts the shape of a bag of sugar.
Shuga Dugga: Hey stud
Biggy Niggy: Waddup Sugar Tits
by Munny October 19, 2007

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