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A sexual innuendo referencing a girl sucking a young mans tiny penis and enjoying it.
Yo Zack, that girl last night gave me the suck suck and she came for more this morning.
by URBAN USERRR June 15, 2018
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Term use especially when a boy want you to suck his dick.
“Suck suck suck” said Steven to Lizzy.
by Xebazzz April 23, 2019
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the act of continuously sucking on the previous suck that you just sucked, after sucking the suck which you sucked, you must suck the suck more sucking times, pls suck me
Bro i totally suck suckity suck sucked your moms dick last night
by Pls suck me March 7, 2016
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(n.) A game played by a male and female in which the female performs fellatio on the male, the male ejaculates in the female’s mouth and she swallows his ejaculate. If played correctly, there are no losers.

*It can be played by two males, but that’s just gay.*
Her mouth felt amazing on my dick when we played Suck Suck Swallow last night!
by Mickey12x8 January 29, 2021
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When a female sucks a males penis while he is taking a shit on the toilet.
I was taking a shit last night and Linda came in and gave me a suck suck dogan
by bmuney October 7, 2006
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Man 1: yo that bitch just gave me the sucke sucke 360 slurpee that shit was fire
Man 2: that head game must be fire you made a whole combo name for it
by wizzman May 7, 2020
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