Robbin is a tall dread headed boy who is super caring and loving . no matter what he’ll always make sure you’re good and be there for you . if he say he got you ... he really mean that . he might lie sometimes but for the most part his intentions are good and his heart is pure . oh yea ... he hellaaaa funny and a pot head ... he’ll make you fall in love lmfaooo .
yeah yeah say anythang - robbin
by simoneduh September 9, 2018
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Robbin is a mega chad with a HUGE penis. I am talking hunkolicious bunko hunko large dunko penis like the size of a semi truck.
renE: lick my robbins bhenchod
Jai Prakash: no
by Your father gay November 6, 2021
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Lovely bird, often used as a sign that Winter is ending and Spring will begin.

Female name, usually meaning the owner is intelligent and mature for her age.
Robbin Molnar.
by AIBaron January 6, 2009
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when you take an item or object, thats either brand new or works like new, & completely disassemble it to add, "fix" (something not broken) or do nothing, just to put it back together.
GF: why is there vacuum parts everywhere?!
BF: because I thought that there was a small weird sound inside it. But now that it's apart I'm going to up the speed and suction to make it a Super Vacuum!
GF: Nope.. No, there was no sound or anything. You just can't help but to robbinize everything!
by Miss&Mr.Pita May 25, 2020
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A family name of a tribe of men known to have unbelievably large genitals. They are the only known rival of the Emery tribe
I thought Emery dick was good, until I tried Robbins!
by hawks_son10 March 8, 2017
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